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Welcome to EduX - South Africa’s solution that offers a range of innovative insurance products to insure your child’s education on your passing.


EduX was born because we understand the financial burdens of 21st century life. We all want the best for our children and education is the most fundamental building block in their lives and future. But what happens when we are unable to financially provide for their education?


EduX’s range of products insures and ensures that your child’s education tuition will be taken care of when you are no longer able to take care of it yourself.


So, whether your child is in preschool or going to university, EduX has you covered with a flexible, affordable and reliable product that will give you the peace of mind that the sky is their limit.

EduX is a product Underwritten by Guardrisk Life Ltd (Registration no 1999/013922/06 and FSP No 76).

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How do i get this product

It’s very simple! You can complete the Quote Form and we will phone you back to discuss our amazing product and affordable premiums OR you can click on the link below and talk to one of our qualified representatives.

Our quote form will provide our representative with sufficient information to assist you swiftly.


Secure your child's educational future today

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